Thursday, October 15, 2009

KonstBio autumn programme

KonstBio autumn programme

18 Sept - 15 Oct
Rubén Grilo

October 16-November 12
Karol Radziszewski

November 13-December 10
Ciprian Muresan

The KonstBio autumn programme features the works of artists who in various ways explore and comment on national traditions, origins and history. The programme brings together works by artists from Poland, Romania and Spain. We have particularly chosen to focus on these three countries and explore the ways in which artists work there today.

The autumn programme has been created in collaboration with Instituto Cervantes, the Polish Institute and the Romanian Cultural Institute. The selected works are a complement to or extensions of the institutions' activities during the autumn.

Curators: Paola Zamora and Finbar Krook Rosato. Programmes and times can be found on Cinema Sture's website, Contact KonstBio at

KonstBio was founded in 2007 by Paola Zamora and Sofia Curman in order to show works of video art as short films before the cinemas’ main feature films.